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That's all it takes for someone to form an opinion about your website.

Nothing gives a better first impression than a professionally designed website.
I design those awesome websites that will capture attention to your product or online brand.

I'm a 17-year-old kid with a passion for webdesign and IT services, working from home in Rotterdam. I run my own company, mixing my designing skills with business stuff and having regular contact with all my clients.

I bring an unique combination of a young perspective with professional experience to every new project. The websites I build are beautifully designed, cross-browser compatible and SEO-friendly.

I'm that nephew of yours who builds websites. But professionally, and much better.

Very knowledgeable and able to figure out how to do things he had not done before. He also was mindful of my budget and was able to recommend options that were affordable for the API needed for my site. Highly recommend this guy.

— Derek Gribble

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